Forged Bell Mug


4″ H x 4″ Dia (16 Ounces)

The Forged Bell Mug’s wide base, easy handle, handmade look, and generous proportions give it a rugged and timeless design perfect for sipping a dark roast coffee at your work desk! The hand-forged texture gives off an antique style, and it makes the perfect gift for the historian and classically natured in your life!

The idea of a bell often conjures images of The Liberty Bell and its famous crack, but that and most bells are cast, not forged. Casting a bell involves completely melting what is called Bell Metal (a mixture of copper and tin) and pouring it into a mold. Forging a bell is accomplished by heating the metal to deformity and shaping it via hammers or machines. This is what inspired the design of the Forged Bell Mug! Its unique exterior texture is meant to mimic shapes left by the hand-hammering process!

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